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The personality

No matter if you are a globetrotter or if it is your first time abroad, Internship-Indonesia provides you with a unique opportunity to see the world through new eyes, immersed in a completely new environment and culture of amazing Indonesia. This special experience will grant you confidence and elevate your career aspirations to a new level - international exposure will not be an empty slogan anymore. Our internships allow you to further differentiate yourself and build your personality. Showing that you not only have experience in a given field, but also are adjustable, open and confident in your progress through your ability to live and work in a foreign culture. It is time to get a real experience in your life.


Get amazed in Indonesia

17,504 islands, 583 different languages, many different cultures, lives and needs. "Unity in Diversity", this is the true Indonesia. Get amazed, live within the nature, the people, get to know the local customs and the language. Visit top touristic destinations, like Bali, but also open to diversity, understand new people and their ways, get off the popular beaten tracks. Assist local people with your presence, open them to the world by opening yourself. Visit the most stunning places in the world, see things that exist only in Indonesia. This is a country like no other and now it is easier than ever to explore it. Not only the professional gains but amazing cultural, emotional and human experience awaits you. Discover Indonesia, re-discover yourself!


Naturally, we provide all the essential elements and information to assist you in living and working abroad. At the same time, our programme is for grown, independent people. We do not believe in putting you in a bubble of bans and prohibitions. As long as you follow the common sense and local rules, you are free to be independent. Whenever you are in Bali or Jakarta, a small or big city, on the beach or at work - live your life and enjoy your time. Unlike other internship programmes, we really allow you to immerse in the local culture and get the most out of the experience. It is our job to get you the best comfort and safety but we also believe you are capable of living your own life while abroad.


Enhance your CV

In those challenging times, it is essential to stand out from the millions of other university graduates entering the labour market each year. Not to mention the millions of other jobseekers. You need something unique in your CV to get noticed. To be even considered in the recrutation process involving hundreds or thousands of competitors. Overseas internship, in a developing country like Indonesia gives a clear information about the value of the candidate to the prospective employer. Allow yourself to get noticed, put yourself in front of the competition.

New contacts and friends

Whatever social portal you are using, prepare to add 300 to 500 new friends. With Internship-Indonesia you can get to know many people, Indonesians, foreigners, people from all over the world. These contacts can, and will help you in your future, in your career too. Build life-lasting friendships, meet people from different countries, different cultures, get to know different languages. Meeting people from abroad, sharing experience and adventures creates solid foundations for friendships. An Internship in Indonesia is an effective and fun way to create social capital to support all your future efforts, take advantage and enjoy that great opportunity. If you are lucky, you will get to know how does it feel to be a star, giving autographs and making pictures, just because you are a foreigner. Gain sympathy, make friends, have fun!


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