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Internship in Indonesia is your unique investment in the future.

Here are our current program matching fees:

Risk-free guarantee
You know what you pay for. Above fee is payable only at the end of a successful matching process and upon acceptance to the program. There is no prepayments or additional hidden fees. All above fees are complete participation fees for all internship types within the Internship-Indonesia Program and include taxes.

What's covered?

1. Sourcing of an internship basing on your preferences, background and expectations with a respective Indonesian hosting organization through high-quality matching process 
2. Best possible internship conditions. All our programs offer pocket money and additional benefits, depending on the nature of the hosting organization: food, transport, trips, language course etc
3. All internships come with accommodation, in most cases free of charge
4. Assistance with visa and legal matters, airport pick-up arrangements and on-site support

Group Internships

For groups of minimum 3 applicants we can facilitate internships within the same city (possibly at the same hosting organization for teaching/education programs) and offer individually negotiated conditions.

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