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We made it as simple as it could only be!

1. Find out all about the internship types, program costs and read the FAQs
2. Submit your application through the "Apply now" link
3. Application verification and confirmation
4. Skype interview
5. Internship confirmation and information (visa, housing)
6. Payment of the matching fee
7. Arrival information and pick-up arrangements

You should submit your application at least 4 weeks prior to your intended starting date.

We help interns by answering questions about the internship and traveling (e.g. applying for visas, vaccinations, flights and accommodation), helping deal with culture shock and arranging orientations at the locations. However, Internship-Indonesia is not a travel agency and interns are responsible for making their own travel and insurance arrangements, which is all a part of the interning abroad experience.

To apply you have to be:

- 18 or more (no upper age limitations - your attitude and personality matters rather than your age)
- Fluent in English or in possession of a language certificate
- In possesion of a valid passport and be eligible to travel to Indonesia
- Fulfill the demands of the particular internship offer


The legal foundation for the internship is the single-entry, social-cultural visit visa. Here are some general information about this type of visa. We do our best to make sure that this information are correct and actual but we cannot take any responsibility for that. This information may vary by country so please make sure to check at the Indonesian Embassy correct for your country for up-to-date information.

This visa is issued by the Indonesian Embassy to applicants who are going to Indonesia for a social/cultural visit, such as visiting relatives/friends; social organizations; exchange visits between educational institutions; undertaking research and attending training programme in Indonesia.

Type of entry : Single Entry
Maximum length of stay is 60 days. Additional four monthly extensions are possible.
Extensions can be applied for and obtained in Indonesia from the local Immigration Authorities (application by the hosting organization).
Visa is issued within five to six working days from receipt of application provided all documents are in order (yet, it is common to get the visa on the next day).
Visa fee and requirements vary by country, please check at your Indonesian Embassy to make sure that you are eliglible to apply for this type of visa.

The cost of the social-cultural visa and its on-site extensions is borne by the participant. Please make sure to pay special attention to all visa regulations. In case of doubt, please contact us.
Support offered by the hosting organisation (your legal sponsor in Indonesia) is referred to as "living expenses fee" or "pocket money" and shall never be called or meant as salary. Interns are part-time social-cultural training program participants, not employees of the hosting organisation - as understood by the Indonesian and international law.
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